Thinkin’—& Thankin’

6/20/13– I received the following letter in an e-mail, I thought it was outstanding! It’s something to keep in mind on a tough day.

Letter from Jesus( Author unknown–quoted from a daily devotional series):

Dear Loved One,

Who are you? You are the loved one of the Supreme Ruler of all–loved with limitless, perfect love that never fluctuates or changes.

What are you like? In me, you are valuable and desired–FOREVER!

Where are you going? What is the meaning of your existence? I have given you the greatest destiny possible–to be my very own for all time and eternity–sharing my love and purposes. You are somebody because somebody loves you!

I love you, my fiend. Believe that today. I shed my blood for you. You stand forgiven before the Almighty King. You are precious in my sight. Whenever you get discouraged or “down” on yourself, remember that my grace is sufficient and my mercies are never ceasing. Remember that I  promise to meet your needs according to my riches and fulfill your desires with good things.

Look to me. It’s in me that you’ll find fullness of joy and pleasures forever. You are so loved! You are a special creation–unique and wonderfully designed by God’s perfect hands. I have a plan for you. I will use you.

Remember that I am slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness. You are my chosen child and you share in my treasures. All I have is yours too! I have filled you with my love, my joy, my peace–WALK in my victory–TODAY!

Relax in my grace–cease your striving and toils. Let me do all through you.



I think this letter says it ALL. If I find out the name of the daily devotional series I’ll add it here. If you know it–PLEASE enter it in “comments”. This is great material–& needs to be shared. Thank you Sarah Idleman for sharing this with us.

3/31/13– I just LOVE Pope Francis! I can not remember a pope who literally fills the role of “shepherd” the way this man has done. I totally admire his humility, and I love the way he focuses his energy on the plight of the poor. The way I see it–he’s taken the Vatican out of politics and centered  it on the role it should have–service to the needy!! Have a blessed Easter!


Big Thank-you to Rich Gowran –Editor of illustrations gave my articles added dimension, and his help in setting up this blog helped me immeasurably.


Thinkin’: Every time I hear the phrase “Be all you can be!”, I just wanna’ scream! Just accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. At that point he will bring you into full flowering of the gifts given you (and all of us) from God the father. The phrase should be: “Be all we are meant to be–accept Jesus!” (Note: See my article,” Here, Now–Our Destiny–Part1)


A very special  “Thank You” to Dr. Kenneth Atkison, Pastor- Shiloh Baptist Church, Chicago, Il. I will be forever grateful that this man knew how to direct a troubled, broken soul.


Is your life aimless? Do you feel that your existence has no meaning? Then you must find God(Jesus)! With him in your life you feel a new meaning. If you’re already a Christian & you still feel no purpose–then somehow you’ve drifted away from Him. Happens to all of us–it’s time to get “right” with God! Get back to basics–Go to church–read the Bible–talk with some Christian friends–listen to sermons online. You’ll feel the difference! Remember–EACH & EVERY ONE of our lives has purpose & meaning. God knows what it is!

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