Good Books(other than the “Good Book”)


The Purpose Driven Life—by Rick Warren

Must reading for every Christian! The New York Times bestseller leads every reader on a 40-day program that helps answer the question: “What on earth am I here for?” Very readable!

What Happened to Me? Reflections of a Journey–by Randall Niles

This book is a very fast read., but has so many facts that are a must for your next discussion with any  non-believer(or agnostic) What happens when a successful corporate attorney…also an established atheist…goes on a fact-finding journey, beginning after the death of his mother? A complete changeover. This seems like a legal brief that establishes the legitimacy of the Bible! A must read that won’t take very long—but is well worth it!

Egypt Unshackled–Using Social Media to @#: ) the System by Denis Campbell

Although not about the Bible this is a ground-breaking book by an Editor of the UK Progressive Magazine. Denis does a beautiful job of editing thru thousands of Tweets to present a riveting story of how young heroes caused a nation to awake, arise and overthrow a brutal dictator. (Refer to my post: “Here, Now–Our Destiny–Part 2”) The incredible story is how the social media can effect change–very quickly.


The Smart Guide to the Bible series–by Gib Martin & Larry Richards: the next best thing to reading the Bible is reading books about the Bible. This series helps us to understand several of the key books of the Bible. My first book was “Smart Guide to the Bible–Book of Romans”.
There’s several more–check them out at :


Authors: Wayne Barber, Eddie Rasnake & Richard Shepherd have taken an excellent idea–workbook & very readable “sketches” of the women of the Bible–and put together a  wonderful end-product. A great primer for anyone just learning about the Bible, and, who enjoys the concept of written reinforcement–this work attempts to pierce old societal precepts about the value of women. They are not meant to be submissive–but “are of particular importance to God.” This book is part of their “Following God Character  Series”; and, I must say, I’m very impressed by their publisher–AMG. They have a great line-up of religious books–check them out at : By the way , don’t let my earlier statement about this work being an excellent “primer” mislead any experienced Bible readers: it’s well worth the time of any fan of the “Good Book”–and an ideal gift for any women in your life.


This group focuses primarily on books for children and their families. They have a tremendous selection  of Christian works. Go to–check ’em out. You will be glad you did!

I’ll ad to this list as I can. If you have some additions–make them in the “comments” section.

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