DEATH – the Answer!

  by Bill Byrnes

Part 1 : Why Jesus? 

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and LEAN NOT  unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.”  Proverbs 3:5-6 


This quote says it all. Hidden in all of our fears (and sorrows) about death is a natural arrogance mankind has regarding the existence of God. We feel that if we don’t understand something–then “something must be wrong with that picture”. Also, the aforementioned thought from the Book of Proverbs reflects thoughts expressed approximately 500 years earlier in the Book of Job: 38: 1, 2&4: “Then the Lord answered Job out of this whirlwind, and said,  ‘Who is this that darkened  counsel by words without knowledge? Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if thou hast any understanding!’ ”

          Now, I’m not going to just lay out a “trust in God and shut-up” argument. Hope you don’t think I’m going to fall into that one–no! But I will say that when in doubt–TRUST in God’s word. Yes, we want to understand the reasons that bad things happen…but we must also understand that we would have as much chance of understanding God and his actions as would a Poodle have of reading and understanding a book on quantum- mechanics!

So, with this in mind, let’s go back to the beginning, and I mean the beginning! When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, what was the real sin? No, it wasn’t that they saw each other naked for the 1st time! Their real sin was one of disobedience to God – they did not obey Him! With their eating of the fruit came the knowledge of “good” and “evil”. In short–the natural outgrowth of this was the birth of conscience (Naturally; don’t forget that the tree was called the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”). When Adam and Eve wore makeshift clothes–it wasn’t because nakedness was wrong, it was because they knew it was wrong, or disobedient to God, to see each other “au naturel”. Don’t forget, prior to that moment they were naked and it didn’t bother them one bit!


You see, then, that conscience was borne out of  one sinful act. This might throw some light on why it was called “original sin”. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to understand why every person born since then, has been born into a state of sin.

Romans:6:23:”For the wages of sin is death. But a gift from God is eternal life–thru Jesus Christ or Lord.”

Obedience to God was the ONLY prerequisite for Adam and Eve to have everlasting life! In short, as long as they obeyed God–they would never know death! Once they sinned against God’s will–that changed too!


For them, (and everyone born since) this one act brought about the state of original sin PLUS the state of death. Therefore,  because sin is inherent in every person from the moment of birth, and, since the only way to NOT KNOW death is to be sinless–every person who has ever lived (or who will ever live) must undergo death.


The death of Adam”

Now, I’m sure you can figure out where this takes us: why Jesus? If he was sinless–why did he have to die? Again, the  reasoning is clarified by going back to the beginning. You might recall from reading “Genesis”, that God lived on the Earth with his creations. After their disobedient “snack” God no longer stayed on “Terra Firma” (That’s why, you’ll read at numerous points throughout the Bible, that sin separates us from God).  From this moment on, the only way for people to initiate contact with God was thru sacrifice. Consider that a sacrifice was only a way to “knock” on His door; there would be no way of knowing if  He would answer. Also, we cannot depreciate the value of prayer. But, again, you can’t expect prayer to bring an immediate answer. God does answer all prayers–however, he does it in his own way–in his own time!

Back to Jesus! Since the original sin of Adam & Eve brought about the natural state of sin for everyone; and, since death was the natural outgrowth of sin, than it was only “right” that a man be sacrificed to “wipe the slate clean” for God. It was the only way for all humanity (past, present and future) to gain everlasting life, and to once again, live with God. There was a problem: any sacrifice to God had to be PERFECT ; meaning that there couldn’t be any blemishes or unacceptable markings of any kind. Regarding a human sacrifice, this also meant a human unblemished by ANY sin! That would be impossible to find–since all men and women were born with Original Sin. Enter Jesus – Son of God – free of any sin. He had to be born of man, and , born for one reason–to die –as the perfect sacrifice for the original sin of Adam and Eve, and therefore, the sins of all mankind!


,,,born for only one reason–to die for all men!

One more thought, once Jesus arose from the grave- that should have set mankind free from the fear of death. It did not! But for those of us who believe and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, sure, we still fear death. But, it definitely makes it easier when we realize that there is something greater waiting for us—ETERNAL LIFE!

NEXT: Part 2– “Don’t Leave Home Without Him!”            



by Bill Byrnes

PART 2: Did “the Devil make me do it?”

“…If you continue to obey my teaching you are truly my followers. Then, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John8:32 


There are very few facts about Satan’s character in the Bible. Yes, he’s the “bad guy”, but it’s not enough to stick with that generalization. If we’re going to get our game-plan together, we’ve got to understand what he does; how does he “score his points”, how does he “attack” us?

Biblical scholars are divided on the question of whether Satan is mankind’s enemy because of his intense opposition to God, or if he opposes God because of his hatred of man, and, of goodness. However, what they are certain of is that Satan DID fall from grace, and regardless of the specific reasons, the overall reason was that he CHOSE that path! Let’s start with the argument that anything God does is good. If anything God does is good, then he could not create anything “evil”. Simply stated, the concept of evil cannot be created, but rather, it results from a personality, or FREE-WILL, to CHOOSE it–thereby substituting an evil will for a good one! This is an important distinction for us because it means that, ultimately, ALL humans also choose between good and evil. We won’t get off the hook with the simple defense that “The Devil made me do it.”.

So, how does the Devil make us do it? The short answer is: DECEPTION! Scholars do agree on some facts: Satan’s goal is to defeat God’s plan of grace for man by ESTABLISHING a kingdom of evil, AFTER he brings every one of us to ruin–thru sin! Also, the Bible doesn’t say anything supporting any popular notions of Satanic folklore, such as human transformations, or of any Leagues of Demons–unleashed upon man. Additionally, the Bible supports the notion that any man cannot enter into an alliance with Satan for any purpose. If anyone becomes a proponent of Satan—they are a VICTIM(See Mark:3:22). In fact, there is little scriptural support for the idea that Satan directly interfaces with the world ( don’t forget that in the book of  Job Satan did God’s bidding when he destructively interacted with Job’s family). Disasters are not directly caused by Satan, but by men, thru their own sins. Those sins can be attributable to Satan’s deceptions. One common thread found throughout scriptures is that  his primary power is the ability to deceive. This includes his incredible ability to lie.

Let’s not forget, Jesus was the only person who could go “toe-to-toe” with Satan and win. As a liar, and deceiver, he’s the best that ever was! Imagine, if you can, being able to deceive Adam and Eve, at a time when they had direct conversations(including warnings) with God himself! That’s what you call bringing an “A-game”. Knowing that the Devil’s main attack upon each of us is through lies and deceit, doesn’t it make you think again about those words Christ uttered in John:8:32 “…and the truth will set you free.” The truth will set us free from sin–from the power of Satan to deceive us!

Speaking of his “A-game”, the Devil does have  a “grand-slam” play, AND once he hits it–it’s game-over—FOR US! Mark:3:28-29:  “…All things that people do and say against God can be forgiven. But anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven: they’re guilty of a sin that continues forever!”. The Holy Spirit is God’s intervening agent in the world. We have all been fooled by Satan, but we must NEVER be deceived into doubting, or speaking against, the Holy Spirit.

So, let’s try to tie this all together into a modern-day game-plan any of us can use. First and foremost, we must accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. Once we really believe in him, we become sealed by the Holy Spirit, and become “owned” by Jesus. This means that even though we continue to sin, our sins will, hopefully, not be as severe as they were before our conversion, and that the Holy Spirit can show us the way “back to the flock” before we really lose our way to sin and perversion. If we lose our way–it is our choice–and we’ll be judged accordingly when we die!

We must discover our “triggers” to the process of sin. Accept the fact that Satan already knows them–quite well. He’ll continue to use them and experiment with new ones. That’s because, above all, he is the master of deceit and lies. When we hear those teeny, tiny voices within us saying, “Aw c’mon–go ahead–do it! You owe it to yourself–don’t  ya’?”, you can be sure that it’s him trying to deceive you into sinning. That’s when we have to use our “spiritual beacon” to get us back on the “right” path. Some of the tools we have available for this are: Scriptures, prayer, friends who we trust and know we can talk with and will help us avoid transgressions. Don’t forget, at these critical times, if you can’t call out to any friends–call out to Jesus. He’s always there for us, with or without the formality of prayer. Even if you’re not a believer yet–call out to him anyway! That’s right–Jesus will help any, and all, of us—anytime! All we have to do is just to ask him!

There are some things we must remember. We cannot blame Satan for our sinful ways. His game plan is to deceive us with his lies! Just as he made his choice to rebel against God, we make our choices to sin. And, above all, we must never doubt, or speak against, the Holy Spirit. If we do—we’ve had it! Chalk another one up for Satan because that’s the one unpardonable sin. One more thing: just in case, when you’re trying to deal with temptations, you hear those teeny, alluring voices from Satan saying, “Go on–do it–after all you only live once-right?” That’s when all those bells and alarms should start going-off in your head. Why? Because now you know–you DO NOT only live once. This is your “short” life— AND your next one WILL last forever! So, above all, STICK TO YOUR GAME-PLAN!!


Hebrews: 2:14-15;18: Since his children are people with physical bodies, Jesus himself became like them. He did this so that, by dying, he could destroy the one who has the power of death–the devil–and free those who were like slaves all their lives because of their fear of death…And now he can help those who are tempted, because he himself suffered and was tempted.”