by Bill Byrnes

Following are thoughts I had regarding Democracy & Illegal immigrants. I intended to use them as some of my main speaking points when I ran for Congress in 2014. Unfortunately my candidacy was short-lived. I never used these remarks. But, when I think about the current success of Donald Trump, I felt that it was time to use them. So…for what they’re worth….

Frustration–fear–anger:  truly the tools of Satan! This is what we’re really fighting–NOT each other. The sooner we recognize this–the sooner we set this ship “democracy”–right.

All of this stems from a lack of trust–trust in each other& trust in our form of govt. Once we lose trust–we soon develop these negative feelings.

Will I be free of anger –heck no! But the trick is getting over it–getting over it for the common good; getting over it to conduct the business of this country!

The more I study the Constitution–the more I stand in awe of the amazing group of intellectuals gathered in one country at the same time in history. In fact, I can’t think of any similar group of individuals ever!!

And the older I get, and the more I watch the news, the more I realized that our founding fathers had unparalleled wisdom when they set up our system of checks & balances.

Let’s not forget, their underlying rationale was that there was danger in rapid change…that it was better enact changes slowly–through compromise…a little at a time. Yes, there’s been plenty of times through  the years when I was downright angry at how long it’s taken for changes (especially in immigration and healthcare). But now I realize their wisdom. We must remember that when they wrote the Constitution–their biggest fear was instabilities that would trigger the large number of pro-British elements that still existed to take back “the Colonies”. But, I don’t think we have that worry now!

Regarding questions about immigration: Yes, there must be firm and fair practices for NEW immigrants. Regarding those immigrants already here, but illegally, well, I have strong words–but not for them!

My grandmother immigrated to this country from Italy after the turn of the 20th century…so I’m only a 2nd generation American on my mother’s side. At that time, immigration laws were fair and uniformly enforced–more importantly–the flow was more controllable. So, enforcement  was possible. But I remember her telling me, in her broken English, that all her family would have done anything to get here! Thinking back to that conversation– I can only deduce that had my grandmother & her family lived in Mexico–they would have crossed  any border–legally or not–to live here!

Everyone living in this great country readily agrees it’s the greatest country in the world–why?–because of individual freedoms we all enjoy, including the chance to live the American dream. That being the case – WHY HOLD IT AGAINST any immigrants here now–legally or not! WE’VE CREATED  the image of this great country–we have so many companies who opened the door and all but said–‘Come on in–we won’t tell.’

It was NOT the immigrants who took jobs from American workers–it WAS the companies who turned the other cheek & let them in for the purpose of creating more profits by replacing better paid American workers–they’re the ones who created this mess.

Just like our immigrant ancestors–they don’t want hand-outs. They’re not working their butts-off  to have anything given to them…they’re ONLY doing it for a  fair chance to provide for their families.

Everyone will admit that freedom fosters dreams… dreams foster achievements. So—GIVE the immigrants their freedom–GIVE them the chance to dream and then achieve—Immigration Reform NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW! It’s been long enough! No more waiting!  NO MORE “WALLS”!!!

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