By Bill Byrnes

I am Black. I am White.

I am Arab; and I’m a Jew.

Don’t be surprised when I say

I’m Latino and a Hindu.

You see –  fact is I’m all of you—

and you are me. So we are all each other—what does this mean?

Why do we post barriers…Satan’s walls;

whether it’s color, cultural, or just insecurity ;

maybe for financial gain we belittle others …

But when does it all stop?

All the hate, the hurting , the fighting , the killing!

We MUST all do as a group what we do on a one-to-one.

No more pain! Just look into the eyes of those we hurt.

Why can’t we see what’s reflected? Those feelings –the

ones that should tell us a basic thought. That is

we are not Black, not White , not Arab , nor Jew.

That we are not Latino… nor Hindu…that we are all  the same –

We are all each other …. HUMAN!

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