Man of Peace” taken at Sword-point in pre-dawn raid!

Jerusalem, Judea;  Early A.M.–Friday; Reporter – Bill Byrnes:  In the  pre-dawn hours, at this little garden-spot on the Mount of Olives, Jesus of Nazareth was taken into custody by a group of Temple guards, pressed into service by the religious leaders of the Sanhedrin. One of Jesus’ own followers, Judas Iscariot, singled out the young Rabbi to the arresting group. “This was necessary to prevent his escape in conditions without light” said one of the deputies.


Confusion and high emotions almost took control…”

Confusion & high emotions almost took control, but it was Jesus himself who calmed the situation! Reportedly, some bloodshed occurred when one of Jesus’ followers drew his sword and struck one of the high priests’ guards , cutting off his ear! Rather than try to escape in the mayhem, the “man of peace” from Nazareth actually rebuked his followers shouting, “Put your sword in its place! All who live by the sword, shall perish by the sword!” Then, amazingly, he went to his injured opponent and healed the man’s ear with his bare hands! Sources present at the confrontation said that both sides were awestruck at this selfless act. Then the rabbi continued with his rebuke saying, “Surely you know  I could ask my Father in Heaven and he would give me more than twelve legions of angels to help! But it must happen this way to bring about what the Scriptures say!” The young man who was smitten, and healed, stood dumbfounded as his comrades left with their captor. As the group left the scene, Jesus’ disciples scattered and ran away.

It is not known where the betraying disciple, Judas, fled to.Eyewitnesses said  he left in a different direction–appearing to take a heading towards the Temple. At this point, speculation says that the betrayal was only for money since there were no other areas of dispute within the small group.

A guard, who prefers to stay anonymous, said that they were to take him to the house of Caiaphas, high priest of the Sanhedrin, where he would answer to charges of blasphemy– a crime punishable by death!

One big question remains: any execution must be performed by the Romans–and, before that, the Roman Governor must approve it. Speculation says Pontius Pilate, newly appointed Governor, wants to keep the different factions in this troubled land at peace–which means that he might approve! But first, Jesus must be found guilty by the leaders of the Sanhedrin. Every indication is that he will be. In Jerusalem, facts are never an issue. What the Sanhedrin wants–the Sanhedrin gets!


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