MODERN-DAY REPORTER SERIES:


Disciples of Jesus fear for his safety during closed-door meeting in Temple!  

Jerusalem, Judea; Tuessday, a.m.; Bill Byrnes-Reporter —    The question raging thru most peoples’ minds in Jerusalem is–“Where is the young Rabbi–Jesus of Nazareth”?  It was just on Sunday-this incredible young man enjoyed such a triumphant welcome into the city. While seated atop the colt of a donkey he rode into Jerusalem amidst huge numbers of followers who spread their coats and branches of palm leaves on the road in front of him shouting, “Praise God! God bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”  There are many who say the Nazarene is the long awaited  Messiah, a claim that’s difficult to deny considering his incredible record since he began his ministry within the last few years. The entire scene fulfills a scriptural prediction from, Zechariah:9:9: “…Shout  daughters of Jerusalem: behold thy king cometh unto thee: he is just and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt–the foal of an ass.”

jesus palm sunday

As if this wasn’t enough to rattle local synagogue leaders, Monday, upon visiting the Temple, Jesus jostled all of the merchants involved in buying and selling products–throwing them out! While turning over their tables and benches, he shouted, “Scriptures say,  ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer for all people.’ But you have changed God’s house into a house for robbers!”

Anonymous sources within the Sanhedrin confirm that there is already a plot against the life of this very controversial and extremely popular religious leader. Despite these warnings, Jesus is currently involved in discussions with some Pharisee and Sadducee Temple leaders to explain his conduct. His disciples fear for his safety!

Despite the main question of his safety, other important questions remain unanswered: What is Jesus’ itinerary for the upcoming Passover, and, where and with whom will he be having the first holiday meal: The Feast of the Unleavened Bread? Hopefully, his disciples, extremely tight-lipped lately, know the answer. If they don’t  know, they’d better find out quickly. Thursday (tomorrow), is the first day of Passover!

Also, this ominous note: if Jesus really is the heralded Messiah– he’d better be very careful. The Scriptures also predict a grisly end for him! It is indeed a time for glory… palms…and pain!


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