By Bill Byrnes

PART 2: What?

1Corinthians: 3: 8-10: “The one who plants and the one who waters have the same purpose, and each will be rewarded for their own work. We are God’s workers, working together…Using the gifts God gave me, I laid the foundation of that house…Others are building on it, but everyone should be careful how they build on it.”

           So, what does God have planned for us? When dealing with this question I’ll say it up front: I AM NOT trying to out-think GOD! That would be the height of presumption, arrogance and blasphemy. What I’m hoping to do is just to provide focus for all of us as to why we’re here…and here NOW.
Hopefully, what I can provide is some comfort in the security of knowing that GOD IS IN CONTROL—and beyond any doubt–HE IS!


“…and beyond any doubt—HE is!”

          We know our starting point (see Part 1) is to humbly serve others any way we can.
Romans:13:8-11:  “…always owe love to each other, because the person who loves others has obeyed all the law….All these commands are really one rule: Love thy neighbor as thyself…Do this because we live in an important time…” .
Once we’ve progressed past our starting point God begins to let us know our direction.
Romans: 12:2: “Do not be shaped by this world; instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you…”
Once we get a feeling of what God wants us to do (keep in mind we can each receive more than one gift) we can move to the “now” part of our destiny.
          “Now” means exactly that–NOW! Forget about any notion of reincarnation. All that type of thinking does is to distract us from the responsibility of serving God with this precious gift of life he has given to us.          
          But what is there about “now” that makes it so special? That’s easy to answer if we start with a macro-view of civilization. The development of Western Civilization has been highlighted by several clusters of years marked by a certain predominance of thought and achievement such as the Renaissance, the Reformation, Age of Reason, Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and that’s to name a few. It’s also interesting to note that the one period of time where nothing happened to advance mankind is also given its own distinction: the Dark Ages.


          Currently, we are in the Information Age- particularly: the Digital Age. With the refinements to computers & their ability to transmit data, we’ve gone from incredibly fast transmission to immediate transmission! With the development of social media–we can communicate with ANYONE in the world–immediately! Add to this the video capabilities of smart-phones and you have something truly remarkable–everyone can be their own media outlet–sending on the spot coverage of ANY event EVERYWHERE in the world–IMMEDIATELY!
           I’m sure we can think of recent examples of how these capabilities sent images of important events worldwide. But now a new question  surfaces: can this new communicative capability help expand the event it’s covering ? In his fascinating book, “Egypt  Unsch@ckled”. Denis Campbell (@ UKProgressive) asks that very question:   “The debate that still rages is whether or not this revolution was a continuation of that same spirit( extreme Nationalism?) or a technological marvel driven by Twitter, Face- book & other social media tools. The answer is…yes to both.”


            The power of the social media has been evidenced within the last 2 years when  important Federal legislation (PIPA & SOPA) was stopped in literally a few days! These two acts would have severely hampered the growth of these new media  It seems as if the true power of social media is in its infancy. No one can doubt the fact that they have become a force for change that must  be reckoned with? Recently, Twitter announced that its user list had grown to 500-million . Just think of that–500-MILLION people across the world  are linked to communicate at any time–IMMEDIATELY!
             So where does that leave us? I think it’s safe to say that God has us here…NOW….to COMMUNICATE! This brings us to the next question–communicate WHAT? Again, let’s go to the book that answers every question. Romans:16:17-19:  “…I ask you to look out for those who cause people to be against each other and who upset other people’s faith. They are against the true teaching you learned, so stay away from them. Such people are not serving our lord Jesus Christ but are only doing what pleases themselves. They use fancy talk and fine words to fool the minds of those who do not know about evil….But I want you to be wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil.”
Also, in Mark:8:38:  “The people who live now are living in a sinful and evil time. If people are ashamed of me and my teaching, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes with his father’s glory and with the Holy Angels.”
            So, among our  tasks we MUST communicate the teachings–the GOOD NEWS– of Jesus Christ! The following passage(words from Jesus himself) should  clarify what we OPPOSE:
Matthew:23:3-14;27: ”the teachers tell you to do things–but they don’t do them. They are unwilling to help those who struggle under the weight of their rules. They do good things so that others will see them. They love to have the most important seats at the feasts. They love to be greeted with respect in public. They are hypocrites! They take away widows’ houses…then say long prayers so that people will notice them…They give to God 1/10th of all they earn, but they don’t obey the really important teachings of the law–justice, mercy & loyalty!….People see them and think they’re good–but on the inside, they are full of hypocrisy and evil!”.  
            Before I continue, I want to clarify that I am NOT saying that we are here because God wants us to buy a smart-phone and go on Face-book and Twitter. What I‘m emphasizing is the confluence of our presence and  abilities (gifts)- PLUS the type of  TOOLS God has helped mankind to develop. Given current events, in this country &  the rest of the world, these tools must be utilized totally! Everything from Genocide (Iraq) to voting rights & medical care for the poor( U.S.) have been threatened.
          Another quick point–meant for those of you who might ask: “Well, I can’t  compose anything in writing, I’m no good as a public speaker! How do I communicate anything to anyone?” The answer: in your day to day conversations! When you get the chance, talk about Jesus. And how about in your actions–the way you conduct yourself with others– is that not a form of communication? It’s always one of any Christian’s primary goals–be more Christ-like in your dealings with others! Also, don’t worry about God’s timetable to do HIS work. God has a plan for each and every one of us. I never thought about writing about the Bible till I was 62! And , it still took me two more years to focus my thinking, as well as letting God guide me to the right medium(Twitter & Blogging).
          Bottom-line–RELAX–and let God control your life! Remember: if there has ever been a challenge to Christ’s Gospels and teachings–it’s here–NOW. And, we are also HERE–NOW. So, let’s fulfill our destiny! The first thing all of us must do is to interact with each other as Jesus would. That communicates  HIS message in a voice as loud and  as clear as any communicator! As long as we do everything we can using the gifts and abilities he has given to us–trust in the fact–HE WILL PROVIDE!

“ I have come as light into the world, so that every one believes in me should not remain in the darkness.”   John:12:46




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