Mary Magdalene Discovers Body Missing!  Jesus is risen!
  Jerusalem, Judea; Sunday AM; Reporter–Bill Byrnes: This morning-at sunrise, Mary Magdalene and another woman named Mary, arrived at the tomb housing the body of slain Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth, crucified on Friday for the crime of blasphemy. They carried sweet-smelling spices to anoint his body. They were shocked to see that the huge boulder blocking  the entrance to the tomb had been rolled away!
Two Roman soldiers, sent by Governor Pontius Pilate to protect the tomb, stood next to the opening. Both appeared to be in a near state of shock–unable to speak!


The tomb was empty!
I was heading to the tomb this morning when I encountered the women–on the road to Galilee. They told me about a young stranger, inside the tomb. “This man had a countenance that shone as bright as any light.”, said Magdalene. As she relayed her story, I could see that the look of grief and shock I had observed on her Friday during the crucifixion was different. It was now a look of surprise mixed with some shock and something new–anticipation! She continued, “He said,  ‘Don’t be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus. He is not here. He has risen from the dead–as he said he would. Come and see where his body was-then go quickly and tell his followers what has happened. Tell them Jesus is going into Galilee to see them.’ ”  With that, the women left and continued on their path to find Jesus’ disciples. I headed for the tomb.


Go quickly–tell his followers what happened!”
After what had to be only a few minutes or so, I heard sudden joyful shouts, mixed with loud sobbing! I turned around, heading back to the path the women were taking-fearful that they were in trouble. I saw them, both in a position of worship–hands outstretched as if they were holding something–I saw nothing! When I got to them, I asked them what was wrong. Again, it was Mary Magdalene who replied– “Sir, you didn’t see him?” I asked who it was I should have seen? They looked at each other, smiled back at me, then turned and continued quickly on their path. The look of anticipation I had noticed moments earlier was gone. A sort of glowing happiness had replaced it. Even if my description isn’t accurate, one thing  is for sure:  looks of grief, shock and sadness had left their faces!
When I arrived at the tomb, I saw no guards and no stranger. I  knew that the story would continue in Galilee.
As I am heading back to find the Disciples, I realize that there was no real story here. There comes a point where any reporter can lose his all-important “objectivity” when confronted by overwhelming facts. Well, I can no longer keep objectivity when confronted by this fact: everything has been FORETOLD and every prediction about the Messiah has been fulfilled! From here on…well…that is where the  real story begins!



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Luke:24:5-6:  And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen…”

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