The Homecoming

Somewhere in Northeastern Egypt–3A.D.– Reporter:  Bill Byrnes

It was more than overcast skies that made this day different from the others. The young father knew that because of the dreams he had over the last couple of days. These dreams, were identical to ones he had a few years ago. At that time, just  after the birth of his young son, they told him to quickly leave Bethlehem and go to Egypt. Now, these dreams told him it was safe to return to the “homeland”.

Joseph returns home from Egypt with his wife Mary and son Jesus.

His wife finished getting their 3-yr old son ready while he finished packing their mule. After helping her onto her mount, Joseph held his young son. As he cuddled the boy, amidst the subsequent giggling, he said, “Son, today your journey begins–and, as all of us know–it’s a journey that the entire world will watch. Let us return home–it’s safe there for you now!”

Matthew: 2:21: “And he arose, took the young child and his mother, and came into the land of Israel.”

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